Why the Hell Bother with Digital Marketing?


You care about your organisation, and think about it every day, probably even when you’re trying to relax on weekends.


But the truth is, the majority of your customers rarely think about you, all the great things you’re doing, or what you’re offering.  They're almost like your secret crush. Heartbreaking, isn't it?

"Why won't you love meeee?!" 


Your business exists to solve a problem. In order to make sure that your name is top of mind when that problem occurs, it’s 100% worthwhile keeping in touch even when customers don’t need you. Furthermore, you probably want to help them with problems they don’t even know they have.


What you need that we can totes do:


Social Media Schedule

Planning doesn’t have to be boring. We’ll map out your minimum posts and shares for the months ahead to make sure you’ll always have something engaging to share with your audience.


Build Your Audience

Share with people who care. If you currently only share with people that like your page, only a tiny percentage of those people will actually see your content. Using paid promoted posts will allow you to build a bigger list of possible clients, based on interests, location and other factors. You can set the budget per post or per month.


Blogs and Content

These days, when a question arises that we don’t have an answer for, most people will head straight to Google. Being the one that that provides them with that answer (alongside strong branding for your business) will help keep your organisation top of mind when they need your product or service.


Why? Social and blogging works.


Don’t pay a fortune for a shouty television ad, selling to people who don’t even want your service. 



Using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook gets your name into customers’ minds without wasting your limited marketing budget.


Our all-caps rule is: DON’T BE BORING. You have personality, so show it off alongside helpful tips or relevant content. Rather than take a hard sell on people in their newsfeed or inbox, start helping them engage with helpful content – and boost your website’s ranking at the same time.


Wait… what if I don’t want to update all the time?


Then there’s not much point in going social. Regularly adding content to your blog page doesn’t just boost your search ranking. Visitors to your website or social media page will likely see it as a sign that you care about the business and are willing to share information with them.


Take an accountant, whose last blog is about the 2011 Government Superannuation scheme. They don’t seem like they’re really keeping abreast of the current financial incentives, do they? Bollocks to them. 


After all, if social media can be leveraged to help elect an orange-haired reality TV star into the Oval Office, it can surely help someone as smart as you to land some more leads.


- Joe 'Blogs' Mooney




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